We walk with you to your success at Phillips Kaiser. We are highly experienced corporate attorneys trained at top law firms and in-house legal departments. We use our many years of experience to provide small and mid-market companies the caliber of legal attention expected of an in-house or large law firm lawyer at a much more affordable price.

Most startups and growing companies recognize the need to have lawyers represent them in things like contract reviews, drafting, and negotiations. Still, they find that using the traditional law firm with partners and associates is not cost-effective because law firm overhead costs for things such as office space and support staff limit a firm’s flexibility in fee-setting.

When outside counsel fees climb, emerging companies consider hiring an inside counsel as an employee. With all the benefits that employee status entails, hiring someone to be an inside counsel can also be costly.

Phillips Kaiser offers an alternative by providing General Counsel Services.

Phillips Kaiser PLLC is dedicated to bringing the expertise, strategic thinking, business acumen, and timeliness of the in-house function in large companies to smaller ones. We accomplish this by deploying service-oriented attorneys with senior-level in-house counsel experience at much lower costs than traditional law firms to allow smaller companies to rely on our services in lieu of hiring a full-time GC, or to supplement in-house legal departments with very seasoned and efficient resources.




We pioneered the concept of General Counsel Services nearly 20 years ago because we love innovation. We believe even smaller and mid-market companies deserve the highest quality legal services. Our experience working in large law firms and in-house legal departments provided a broad skill set and also taught us we can provide the same level of legal services on a contract basis at a greatly reduced cost compared to the traditional model.


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