Craig Kaiser

Craig M. Kaiser

Founding Partner

Craig Kaiser is the co-founding partner of Phillips Kaiser, a Houston-based law firm of business attorneys, and co-founder of The Legacy Project, a project dedicated to increasing diversity in the legal field.

Craig grew up in Waco, Texas, the son of a prominent musician. With no background or exposure to the legal profession, he was attracted to the advocacy and justice aspects of the law. He began his law career over 30 years ago after graduating from Baylor University’s School of Law. After working as a commercial litigator for the large Houston-based firm Bracewell, he joined Compaq Computer Corporation as Associate General Counsel.

“Craig Kaiser is trustworthy and is the kind of professional lawyer a business needs today.”

-Jeff P.

During his time at Compaq, Craig had the opportunity to engage with clients in a more personal manner. He actively participated in client meetings, collaborated with them to solve business issues and problems, and provided valuable insights as a trusted legal advisor. His efforts were primarily focused on helping clients achieve their business goals. He learned that good legal advice starts with listening, which results in practical and well-thought-out solutions.

After 13 years at Compaq, Craig was able to apply his love for counseling on legal matters in the business field to a new business venture with Greg Phillips, whom he worked with at Compaq as well as Bracewell.

“Craig Kaiser’s approach is clear and professional.”

 -William T.

Craig joined Greg Phillips in starting a legal firm that provided outsourced general counsel to small, medium, and large businesses. They led this firm together for 15 years, growing it to 26 lawyers across four Texas cities, and working with some of the biggest organizations in the state and country, including Shell, Hewlett Packard, CITGO Petroleum, and many others. Along the way, they reimagined the way legal services should work for small and medium-sized companies as well as big corporations.

Most recently, Craig and Greg Phillips co-founded Phillips Kaiser, a Houston-based law firm comprised of Houston business attorneys. With their combined business and legal experience, they provide general counsel services to many companies that wouldn’t otherwise have access to in-house counsel. Craig’s services run the gamut of business-related legal issues. He advises on overall business strategy, business contracts, employment matters, commercial negotiations, and the range of legal matters that large business owners face on a daily basis. Craig’s desire is for his clients to view him as a trusted voice they can depend on for all of their business and legal matters.

In addition to his outstanding legal work for the business community in Houston and beyond, Craig co-founded The Legacy Project with Greg Phillips in 2020. The Legacy Project is a developmental program within their legal firm with the aim of fostering diverse leadership within the legal profession. “At this moment in time, there is a pressing need for a program like the Legacy Project in our country.” Craig sees Phillips Kaiser’s Legacy Project as the hallmark of their reputation for many years to come.

In his words, “A career in law has afforded me a wonderful opportunity to see the world and work with all kinds of people to meet interesting and important objectives. The Legacy Project is an opportunity to open the door wider for others, as well as to leave a positive and lasting mark on our industry and our community.”


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