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Ranked by Google as one of the top Houston Business Lawyer firms via online search.

Phillips Kaiser has built a solid reputation serving Houston business owners and leaders.

Phillips Kaiser is known not just as a top Houston business lawyer firm, but are mavericks, strategists, bold, innovative, relational, focused, creative, and leaders in Houston business law.

When you want the best in business law, you can believe in and trust Phillips Kaiser — the top choice in Houston business lawyers.

Do you need General Counsel Services?

Hiring a business lawyer to be inside counsel can be costly and unaffordable.

General Counsel Services offers a better alternative.

The Complete Guide to Contract Law & Negotiation

Our Complete Guide to Contract Law & Negotiation is for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to ensure that the deal gets done right and they stay out of court.

The Definitive Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions

As a top Houston business attorney firm, we show you what every business owner should know about mergers and acquisitions. You get clear and concise content broken down into chapters and made easy to read.

The Complete Guide to Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is often a company’s single most valuable asset. And yet Intellectual Property is difficult to value, frequently under-exploited, and widely misunderstood.

Our Complete Guide to Intellectual Property tackles IP rights, patents, trademark law, trade secrets, artificial intelligence, and much more.

The Complete Guide to Employment Law

Finding your way through the hardest and most crucial part of any business begins with the messy middle — the hiring, recruiting, and managing employees. As Houston Business Attorneys, we realize the messy middle is exhausting work for many, if not most, business owners. Our Complete Guide to Employment Law will show you what you should know about “the messy middle.”

The Complete Guide to Corporate Governance

Corporate governance has become an increasingly important part of running a successful company. In today’s hyper-competitive corporate culture, investors and consumers alike make buying and investing decisions based on the corporate culture and the way a company operates. Our Complete Guide to Corporate Governance provides you with guidelines and ideas for implementing an effective corporate governance strategy.

What Our Clients Say

“I want to thank Craig Kaiser and Greg Phillips of Phillips | Kaiser for going above and beyond in providing our company with excellent legal advice. Your knowledge, professionalism, and...

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Phillps Kaiser Review Logo

Jeff P.

10/29/2019 - Website

“With the team at Phillips | Kaiser, you get great experience, timely responses and access to attorneys who also understand business. And nice people too!”

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Phillps Kaiser Review Logo

Mike M.

10/29/2019 - Website

“Phillips Kaiser has provided tremendous support for the companies I have led both domestically & internationally. PK’s principals deliver a depth of legal knowledge & experience. Additionally, when specialized legal...

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Phillps Kaiser Review Logo

Robert E.

10/29/2019 - Website

“We appreciate the great service.”

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Phillps Kaiser Review Logo

Jennifer W.

10/29/2019 - Website

“Based on my experience with Phillips / Kaiser when I was the Senior Vice President of Commercial at Sterling Chemicals, Inc., I recommended Greg Phillips be retained as outside General...

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Phillps Kaiser Review Logo

Paul Rostek

10/29/2019 - Website

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